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Worcester County Commercial Power Washing Pros

The Clear Factor’s realm of expertise doesn’t just stop with residential exterior home services. We are equipped to handle all of your Worcester County commercial pressure washing needs as well. Need your storefront cleaned? Are oil stains ruling your parking lot? Is your business’s gutters starting to sag? Don’t worry! We are here to ensure your business is in tip-top shape.

As with our residential customers, commercial pressure washing customers also become part of our Clear Factor Family. We are aware that you have a wide arrange of options when it comes to choosing a company to take care of your exterior needs in the Sutton, Massachusetts area. There are many reasons that you should choose us! How are we different? We care about each and every client and their specific needs; you are not just a number to us! We want to cater all of our jobs to the unique needs of each customer that walks in our doors or calls us up. We take pride in every job we do, and attention to detail is our specialty.

Being a small, family-run business, we understand how precious time can be and how little of it you may have. This is why we guarantee you the best commercial pressure washing services. Leave it up to us to get the job done efficiently and effectively! You will get the best overall experience at a great price!

There are many contractors to choose from when it comes to exterior cleaning. When choosing us, you can trust that we will get the job done with quality products and service while putting heart into your needs.

Commercial Power Washing Services


Our professional-quality soaps ensure streak-free windows. Our process is a unique, no-mess approach.

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We use a no-pressure approach to safely clean your building.

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Anything from driveways to concrete pads and everything in between.

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We will preserve your building’s structure by ensuring your gutters are ready for all types of weather by cleaning them out properly and consistently.

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Preserve, protect and beautify your commercial building with our roof washing services.

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Whatever you may need, we can help you make it happen! We also offer add-on services, such as, dryer vent cleaning and high dusting.

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