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Get The Best Christmas Light Installation In Worcester County MA

Local homeowners love our services for Christmas Light Installation in Worcester County MA. At Clear Factor, we elevate Christmas Light Installation to an art: we use only commercial grade lighting materials, we create a custom cut for your house, and we utilize the latest in LED technology. In the same vein, Clear Factor clients enjoy unique benefits that maximize customer satisfaction: Clear Factor technicians have been trained and are certified CLIPA installers, and Clear Factor provides an electronic timer set to your preference so that you never have to turn lights on or off. Call or click to get a fast, free quote today!

Christmas Light Installation Services


Our beautiful and evocative Christmas Lighting instantly elevates your home’s curb appeal. Celebrate the holiday spirit with Clear Factor, and get the best Christmas Light Installation in Worcester County MA. Each of our C9 LED bulbs has 5 individual LEDs, making them much brighter than store-bought strands. We curate the latest LED technology, saving you 80% or more on energy. Clear Factor provides an electronic timer set to your preference, eliminating manual labor and stress on your part. Because we lease the lights, we also cover removal, maintenance, replacement, and storage. Ask about our money-back guarantee and early install discount!

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Businesses stand to benefit from our thoughtful design plans. Enhance your curb appeal, and attract more interest and customers to your business! Clear Factor works with businesses in Worcester County MA to beautify their facades and capture the holiday spirit. All of the components of our residential services apply to our commercial clients, including the money-back guarantee and early-bird discount. Clear Factor only utilizes commercial grade material installed by CLIPA-certified technicians. Given that our lights are leased to our clients, Clear Factor also takes care of removal, storage, maintenance, and replacement. Invest in your business with our Christmas Lighting Installation!

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No matter how large your property is we can light up every inch of it. No tree is too high and no home is too large. You can trust the pros at Clear Factor for your high-end Christmas lighting needs.  We custom cut our lights to fit your home, and we utilize the latest in LED technology — C9 LED bulbs, which not only use 80% less energy but also last much longer than traditional bulbs. In addition, each C9 LED bulb has 5 LEDs, which makes them shine much brighter for a truly evocative and inspiring lighting installation. Clear Factor clients also enjoy electronic timers for their lights, removal and storage services, and discounts for early installation.

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Benefits of
Christmas Light Installation


Clear Factor provides all of our own supplies. We utilize commercial grade lighting that cannot be procured in a typical retail setting; its quality far surpasses retail lights, making it both beautiful and durable. We custom cut the lights for your house, ensuring that the strands are never too long or too short. Our lights are the latest in LED technology — not only do they use 80% less energy, but they also outlast and outperform other lights. Each C9 LED bulb has 5 individual LEDs, making them much brighter than store-bought strands. Clients receive electronic timers set to their preference.


Unlike handyman installers, our technicians experience greater accountability, as they must adhere to our stringent safety requirements. Likewise, our technicians experience greater preparation than the typical handyman installer, since we thoroughly train them and provide the materials and support they need to ensure a successful, safe installation. If any problems arise with the lights over the years, Clear Factor technicians repair and replace them. We also replace lights when they wear out or grow dim, which usually occurs after 4-5 years. Clear Factor takes safety seriously.


Given that our clients lease the lights from us, Clear Factor will complete all replacements, repairs, and removal. We also store the lights. Our clients enjoy peace of mind and a lack of clutter. To best achieve this collaborative relationship with our clients, Clear Factor requires a 3-year commitment. In addition, we offer early install discounts: 10% in year 2, and 15% in year 3. For instance, the cost for year 1 may be $100; the discounted cost for year 2 would be $90; and the discounted cost for year 3 would be $85. Thereafter, the cost would be $85.

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