Pressure Washing Commercial Buildings

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Why should I pressure wash my commercial building?

By keeping the outside of your business clean, it offers better curb appeal, which in turn will help draw and retain customers. A poorly kept building mars your company’s appeal. It can also help extend the life of the exterior siding as you’ll wash away harsh materials such as mold, mildew, or other contaminants. Pollutants from cars, acidic environments, and salt air can also lead to damage. Pressure-washing your building’s exterior can help prevent things like rot and decay from these corrosive elements. Washing your building can also reveal potential issues, helping you avoid costly repairs.

What else can pressure washing do?

Pressure washing can help with other things, too. It can be used to clean up dumpsters, gutters, and even help with things like gum removal. By cleaning your property, you’ll keep up its value, and your neighbors will thank you. You can clean up sidewalks, and stains on the side of your building, and overall enhance the appearance of your property. You can even clean parking lots!

Pressure washing can keep your property healthier.

Removing excess mold and mildew is something everybody can appreciate, especially those who suffer from respiratory issues like allergies and asthma. Make breathing easier for your employees and customers.

Why hire a professional? Why not just do it myself?

A licensed and insured professional not only has the proper equipment on hand, but they know what detergents are safe to use, how to handle trouble areas, and are well-trained in what temperature water to use, along with the right amount of pressure, so your property isn’t damaged. They’ll keep your landscaping in mind, the type of materials your building is sided with, and can tackle things like stains and other areas of your property. The time and money invested in pressure washing is money well spent for quality curb appeal, property value, and keeping a healthy environment.

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