The Importance of Roof Cleaning

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The roof on your home is pretty much the most important part of your home or office’s structural integrity.  That being said, many people don’t take proper care of their roofs.  They put attention to proper cleaning of the rest of the exterior but neglect the roof. Roof cleaning is critical to the lifespan and structural integrity of the roof, so it’s a good idea to make it a priority in your budget and timing.  Here’s why:

  • Algae and mildew grow quickly and subtly: Any part of your home or office building’s roof that is shaded is going t one a prime spot for algae and mildew to grow.  Not only can these grow quickly and be particularly stubborn to get off after a few years have gone by, they can also be a common spot for pests to hunker down, and even mould!
  • Build-up leads to moisture trapping: Pests and moulds aside, a home that is covered in mildew and other growths is also going to lead to moisture trapping.  This is because the sun and wind are not able to get to your roof and the water builds up underneath, sitting untouched for long periods of time.
  • A wet roof is a weak roof: Once your roof is sitting with varying amounts of water trapped under the build-up, the roof becomes weak. The shingles soften and water can often creep through the barrier and create weakness and even leakage in your home or office’s roof itself.  This can, of course, lead to water leaks.  It can also allow for water to spread across the roof’s surface and weaken other shingles from the inside.
  • Premature repair or replacement: Once a roof is weakened, the clock of its life speeds up quickly. You’ll often have to look into a repair or even a full roof replacement a lot sooner than a house that has had its roof properly cleaned and maintained.  There are even some warranties on roofs that won’t honour lifetime guarantees if it’s clear that the roof has been neglected in maintenance and cleaning.

Annual cleaning doesn’t have to be hard

The thing to remember about keeping your roof in good condition is that it doesn’t take hours and hours every few months to clean. It takes a professionally trained contractor with the right equipment to come in and professionally clean your home or office’s roof and check. For any kind of signs that it may be weakening.  Truly cost-effective and stress-free, it’ll save even more money and stress in the long run than just leaving the roof to fend for itself.

A roof is only as strong as its parts, and one of those parts that go into helping keep it resistant to damage and wear and tear is proper cleaning. It will not only protect your investment but also keep you in the know about your roof’s overall status and health.  While most people don’t know how fast a roof can decay without them even knowing it, you are now armed with the knowledge to change that for the better.

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