Can you soft wash a driveway?

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It depends on how dirty your driveway is.

Is your driveway covered with leaves and dirt? What about dust and mold? Algae? If it looks like an easy clean, then go ahead and power wash your driveway. This is the easiest way to blow everything off in one easy step. The problems start to happen when you use the power washer nozzle in the wrong way. If you get too close to the concrete surface, you can etch the concrete surface.

This will cause a small amount of damage. It may not seem like much but over time this will cause groves to form in your driveway. Water could start to pool and drain in the wrong direction. Instead use soft washing to actually clean the surface. Soft washing uses a chemical soap detergent to kill the bacteria and mold growing in the crevices of the concrete.

Hire A Professional for a Pro-level job

It may be difficult to know whether or not you can power wash or soft wash. Instead you should hire a professional to make the determination to protect your driveway from etching damages. They will bring all of the materials and chemicals needed to properly soft wash your driveway. Soft washing chemicals are primarily three ingredients. These are bleach, detergent, and water.

That is it! Instead of trying to figure out the right ratios yourself a professional will have everything on hand and the right pressure nozzles for cleaning off the surface. Soft washing is a better option for deep mold and grime because the soaps actually lift the dirt off the surface. Power washing is great to move material around but it often missing the deep stuff that is in between all of the crevices. Unless you have a fancier polished concrete you won’t be able to hit all the surfaces with a power washer.

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