DIY Pressure Washing: Why You Should Always Hire a Professional

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Pressure washing is one of the most successful ways to clean up an outdoor surface—it’s quick, effective, and it only uses water. In seconds, years of dirt and grime can almost instantly disappear, leaving your property looking brand new in no time. You might think that a do-it-yourself pressure wash would be simple, but there are actually a variety of reasons why you shouldn’t try it yourself. It’s extremely risky, and while it may be tempting to save a few bucks, you could potentially make things worse. Despite any tutorials you may see online, pressure washing is definitely a procedure that’s better left to the professionals.

Pressure washing is an enormously powerful cleaning method, and if not performed correctly, it can certainly do some damage to your outdoor surface. The spray of a pressure washer is strong enough to harm even some of the strongest materials, causing destruction that will be costly to fix. Cracked siding, destroyed paint, and splintered wood are just a few examples that could result from a pressure wash gone wrong.

Plus, surrounding grass and plants need to be avoided with extreme caution, as they’d be entirely demolished in seconds. Not only can it cause visible surface damage to the wrong materials, but it can also blast unwanted moisture into cracks and crevices, causing even deeper issues for your home. Additionally, operating a pressure washing device can take some practice, and mishandling it can lead to severe safety concerns. The harsh spray of water is forceful enough to cause deep lacerations and bruises, so proper clothing and protective equipment is imperative. 

Before you risk any serious damage to yourself of your property, consult with a professional cleaning service to do the pressure washing for you. An expert will know exactly which steps to take to ensure that your home is protected from potential harm, and they’ll have the proper knowledge and equipment to perform the service safely. 

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