There’s an Animal in My Gutter! Now What?

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You notice that the gutter is coming off the side of your home. Maybe there’s a big dent in it. Perhaps there are scratch marks. Or you heard the noise of one or several scurrying animals. Whether it’s a squirrel, raccoon, snake, roof rat, or one of the many insects that can make homes in your gutters, you’ve noticed it. What do you do now? How do you take care of the animal in your gutter?

First Things First…

You might be wondering about the best way to get an animal out of your gutter. The best way is to keep your gutters clean. Hiring a gutter cleaning crew will ensure the lack of animals in your gutters. Mosquitos lay eggs in damp decaying leaves. Squirrels love a bunch of twigs ready-made for a nest. A snake found a bird’s nest and decided to make where he ate his five-course meal his new home. A dirty gutter attracts all sorts of pests. Not only that, but untrimmed branches can be a huge temptation for a raccoon to jump from making its home in the trees to make its home on your home. Any pest can ruin your gutters and pose serious risks to your home, as they might try to dig into your walls or roof.

Do your home a favor. Get a professional to clean out those gutters and flush out your downspouts so that before any chance of a pest comes, your home is safe and secure. Install a downspout strainer so that no animals can get into the downspout in the first place. Have them trim the branches by your gutters. A filthy gutter and some unkempt branches are the first stop to pest city.

But What Now?

Now you’re looking back on it, and of course you should have cleaned out those gutters. The best way to prevent animals in the gutters is clean gutters. Hire a professional gutter cleaning service to clean your gutters and trim your branches. Let your home be your home — and not the home for some wild animals!

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