How Professional Gutter Cleaners Work

As a homeowner, the decision to choose a professional gutter cleaning company to take care of your gutter maintenance is one of the best you could make. Gutter cleaning by hand is tedious, time-consuming, and very risky to the inexperienced. But what actually happens when you hire a gutter cleaning company? Here’s what you can expect when your gutter cleaners show up:

Hand Removal Of All Debris

This is an extremely important difference between a good company and bad DIY results. Professional cleaners hand remove all debris from your gutters. DIY tools are supposed to speed up the process, but they end up missing a lot of debris which later collects in hard-to-reach places. Professional cleaners hand remove every leaf and twig to ensure nothing is in your gutters.

Check for Blockages

Getting rid of the debris in the gutter lines themselves is only the first step. Next, gutter cleaners will work to remove any blockages that may be in the downspout or hidden away in the gutters themselves. Packed dirt and moss can lead to blockages which in turn causes rapid buildup throughout the year.

Complete System Flushing

Once your gutters have been hand cleaned, the serviceperson will do complete flushing of the system. This involves sending jets of water throughout the gutters to check for areas of low flow or blockage. The cleaner will address any problem areas to make sure you are ready when the rain beings.

Damage Report

As gutter cleaners work on removing dirt and debris from your system, they are also checking for any damage that has taken place. This could be damage to the actual metal of the gutters or damage to the roof area itself. You will receive a report of any problems along with potential solutions.

Before and After Photos

You don’t have to take your cleaner’s word that everything is fixed. Your cleaner will take before and after images so you can see the work done without having to climb up and down a ladder to check.

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