What is the Best Method for Gutter Cleaning?

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One of the best things you can do for your home is have your gutters cleaned regularly. If left for too long, gutters can accumulate debris and get clogged, which runs the risk of water seepage into or under the roof. This rots away at the roof and siding and ultimately creates a much more expensive problem to fix than simple clogged gutters. Beyond the regularity of gutter cleaning , the method is important to prevent accidental damage to your gutters, roof, or siding.

Gutter maintenance is a job best done by an experienced professional given the tools and expertise needed to do it properly. Gutters need to be cleared by hand, a painstaking process that most homeowners simply do not have the time for. After scooping out larger bits of debris, gutters and attached downspouts need to be thoroughly flushed by a professional. This is the part of cleaning that carries the most risk for damage if done incorrectly or by someone without the professional experience and equipment. Flushing involves running large volumes of water through the gutters to remove any remaining debris and, if done to forcefully, an errant stream of water can result in serious damage to the roof or siding around the gutters. In the worst-case scenario, gutters as well as damaged parts of the home exterior might need to be replaced.

It is important that gutters be cleared by hand before flushing them to avoid this kind of water damage. Additionally, using a high-velocity hose or pressure washer can seriously damage the gutters, downspouts, or the adjacent roof if proper techniques and precautions aren’t taken. Thus, we highly advise leaving particularly heavy-duty cleanings to home maintenance professionals instead of attempting them yourself.

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