Why Soft professional washing of your vinyl siding is the best way to remove algae

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What are all these green plants that crop up on my vinyl siding?

Green stains that are located on the vinyl siding occur due to the activities of algae, moss, mold, or mildew, mainly algae. They are naturally occurring stains that tend to happen over time. When your vinyl siding starts turning green, the general appearance becomes diminished.

Put, mildew, and algae both germinate and grow up around areas that are damp as well as organic. Therefore, wood siding, because it is natural, will be vulnerable to the growth of algae. 

Fortunately, vinyl siding that has algae can be washed and cleaned off. During the washing process, the green stain is taken out in addition to all other blemishes and dirt, which might have been developing on the vinyl siding. Therefore, in order to ensure that your vinyl siding gets cleaned to leave an even clean appearance of all things in the home, it is always best to clean off the entire surface instead of the only areas with algae.

How to stop and remove algae from your vinyl siding

In order to remove the algae from your vinyl siding, you simply wash out your vinyl siding several times in a year. Now, while it could seem easy to just wash down by using a garden hose in addition to a cleaning solution that has been made in the home, your vinyl siding can be made to look its overall best and extremely clean when you call professionals to the job in such a way that it would be done correctly and completely and there would be no half-way job.

While you should use a professional cleaner to remove algae from your vinyl siding

Algae on your vinyl siding leave tough stains on your vinyl, and these stains should be treated by only professionals who adopt the soft washing method by using professional cleaning solutions and water with low pressure to kill off and remove the algae from your vinyl siding as well as any stains. Professionals are more effective than the homemade solutions being applied by homeowners. They often think that algae are as easy to remove by merely purchasing home cleaning solutions and hiring equipment, by the time they remove the algae without removing the spores, after a few months, they realize that the stains are back up on their vinyl siding.

This is a good reason, that professionals with years of experience in algae removal are the best for the job.

Most home washing professionals will use suitable methods on your building to avoid damages

Another reason why you need professionals to get it done is based on the fact that some of the processes used in washing the vinyl siding require some form of a professional touch. Pressure washing is one of the methods of washing vinyl siding. If not correctly done at home, it could damage the vinyl siding. While vinyl siding is a hard surface, it could also be damaged by pressure washing unless the professionals handle this. To avoid contamination, you would need to contact the right set of professionals to prevent damage to your side vinyl. Call us today for a free quote (508-418-9274)!